Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Web Marketing Book Reviews

Welcome to this new blog from Web Marketing Workshop, which features recommended books in the field of web marketing. We've been reviewing books for over 5 years and posting details on our website, but as more and more new titles are now released, we decided to post these reviews in a blog format and to include some of the best books we've covered in the past.

With the nature of the Internet, published books can sometimes be dated as soon as they are published, although many of these marketing books cover the strategies and techniques that remain largely unchanged. Sometimes to the resources and tools suggested can be dated, but many people prefer to read books about the subject to expand their background knowledge first, and then update their information from the current resources on the web.

We hope you find these reviews useful and that you find some good sources of published information to expand your knowledge and approach to web marketing. If you require further information you are welcome to contact us directly, or we have also provided links to online stores where you can buy these titles.

We always welcome comments, feedback and suggestions so please feel free to post your comments online or contact us directly.


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